Inspired by stilts house – a pile dwelling that come with raised structure, and normally built over sand or above water, “E-Stilts” is created as our new leg. As found in Wikipedia, “Stilts” are pillars or posts to allow a structure to stand at a height above the ground, “E-Stilts” has come up to act as a desking system. Stilts house which is easy to construct and protect against nature elements of flood and earthquake applies to E-Stilts understructure. It act as a pile driver of strength on its foundation.


E-Stilts act as a simple, ingenious, and adaptive bench, for entire range of application in open workplace. It is a re-configurable bench and suitable for any demands of office environment. On this basis, E-Stilts is offering a great flexibility to works across a wide range of configuration demands, from staff workstation to manager workstation and to conference table.