Sustainability – Green Journey

The Sustainable Business Awards (SBA)

The Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) is arguably Asia’s only award series run by a firm wholly committed to sustainability and which comprehensively assess corporate sustainability programs. Since 2012, the Awards has been held in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), industry associations and government agencies together with reputable National Advisory Panels (NAP), recognising corporate leadership in 12 categories, including sustainability strategy, community, energy and water management, supply chain, and ethics among others.


On 23rd September 2021, we reached a new milestone in our journey to harmonize with nature, we have been announced the overall winner by Sustainable Business Award Malaysia for the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) category.

We achieved 11 out of the 12 categories contested:

  1. Sustainability Strategy
  2. Community
  3. Energy Management
  4. Water Management
  5. Waste Productivity & Materiality
  6. Supply Chain Management
  7. Land Use & Biodiversity
  8. Business Ethics & Responsibility
  9. Stakeholder Management
  10. UN Sustainable Development Goals
  11. Climate Change & Emissions


21st August 2015 was an honourable day for Armatrix to be awarded with Prime Minister Hibiscus Award (PMHA) 2014/2015 as Notable Achievement in Environmental Performance.

The Prime Minister’s Hibiscus Award (Anugerah Hibiscus Perdana Menteri), first launched in 1996, is the premier private sector environmental award for business and industry in Malaysia. This Award presents an opportunity for public recognition of business and industry’s environmental accomplishment and leadership and serves to create environmental awareness amongst enterprises that have yet to demonstrate environmental stewardship. PMHA is conducted in three phases, namely:


Phase 1: Basic Requirements
• Leadership, Priority and Commitment
• Managing Environmental Issues
• Legal and Other Compliances
• Environmental Emergencies

Phase 2: Improvement in Environmental Performance
• Environmental Improvement
• Product/Service Communication
• Employee Participation
• Supply Chain
• Environmental Social Responsibility


Phase 3: Continual Improvement of Environmental Performance
• Environmental Accounting
• Life Cycle Analysis
• Eco-design
• Eco-Labelling


PMHA has again recognized Artmatrix’s commitment and contribution to the environment with its stringent environmental requirements and global environmental challenges.


MyHIJAU Mark introduced by GreenTech Malaysia aims to encourage the adoption of more environmentally friendly practices in Malaysia. Products with MyHIJAU Mark provide Malaysian consumers with the certainty that internationally recognized environmental and ecological standards have been met in the manufacture of these certified products. Artmatrix again remarked its environmentally friendly products that certified with MyHIJAU Mark:

1. E-STILTS (ECO) Desking System
2. I-BEAM (ECO) Desking System
3. IF (ECO) Intelligent Folding Table
4. I-MODE (ECO) Desking System
5. SIMPLEX (ECO) Monolith Panel System
6. TRENDX PRO (ECO) Desking System
7. TRI-X PLUS (ECO) Monolith Panel
8. XENIC Chair
9. XERA Chair Range



Artmatrix is and will continue to address the latest environmental issues – reducing Carbon Footprint. With this aim, Artmatrix is working with Intertek (UK) to assess our product’s lifecycle in order to minimize the carbon footprint with Intertek’s Life Cycle Certification – Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).


EPD is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life cycle environmental impact of products.

The declaration is based on the principles set out in the international standard lSO14021 Environmental Labels and Declarations. In EPD, Artmatrix uses carbon footprint (GWP) as a key corporate environmental metric to calculate the life cycle carbon footprint of our products.


By measuring carbon footprint in our products, we believed it will provide an avenue of greener products for our customers. Reducing carbon emissions in our products will not only be more environment-friendly, but we are also more responsive to our customers.


Besides the green products, Artmatrix also provides an environmental-friendly working place for its employees. In April 2014, we are the first furniture manufacturer in Malaysia to be certified with Green Building Index (GBI), under the Industrial New Construction (INC) category. Transforming from 16-years abandoned building, GBI certification remarked a huge accomplishment for Artmatrix in contributing to the environment. In March 2018, we have successfully renewed our GBI certification.

We are committed to the environment in all aspects in accordance to GBI;

• Energy Efficiency
• Indoor Environmental Quality
• Sustainable Site Planning & Management
• Material and Resources
• Water Efficiency
• Innovation


We believe that it’s our obligation to take into consideration all aspects of our products’ impact on the environment. As early as March 2011, being the first in Malaysia, Artmatrix produced a range of workstations and seatings which were assessed and verified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). GECA standards adhered to ISO 14024 principles, hence providing an independent tick to consumers that our products are better for the environment and reduce the impact on human health. GECA certified products are laboratory tested against ANSI/BIFMA X.7.1 for low emission, therefore contributing to GBI and LEED credit for the Indoor Environmental Quality criteria.

Currently, we have nine products certified with GECA:

  1. E-STILTS (ECO) Desking System
  2. I-BEAM (ECO) Desking System
  3. IF (ECO) Intelligent Folding Table
  4. I-MODE (ECO) Desking System
  5. TRENDX-PRO (ECO) Desking System.
  6. TRI-X PLUS (ECO) Monolith Panel
  7. SIMPLEX (ECO) Monolith Panel System
  8. XENIC Chair
  9. XERA Chair Range


The Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certification is widely recognized for its holistic and comprehensive approach towards sustainability criteria, drafted by professionals and experts put together by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) for the industry, by the industry.

Under the scheme, the building products would be assessed on its properties and performance through a comprehensive list of assessment criteria covering Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Resource Efficiency, Health & Environmental Protection, and Other Green Features.

With SGBP certification, our products are assured of their superior environmental performance benchmarked against current industry standards, serving as a convincing sustainability credential. Two of our products – E-Stilts (ECO) and TrendX Pro (ECO) are awarded an “Excellent” rating under SGBP certification.