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Explore our collection of fabric office chairs, designed for comfort and style. Elevate your workspace with our range of ergonomic and stylish seating options.

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Discover our leather office chairs for luxury and comfort. Elevate your workspace with premium seating options designed for style and productivity.

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Discover mesh office chairs for comfort and support. Elevate your workspace with stylish seating for enhanced productivity.

Office Chairs Supplier & Manufacturer In Malaysia

Located in Selangor, Malaysia, Artmatrix Technology is a quality office chair supplier known for their inspired design, ensuring comfortable seating posture and aesthetics.


Choose from a variety of materials like mesh, fabric, and leather for your seating needs. Artmatrix’s office chairs are made from a variety of materials, including Aluminium, Nylon, Fabric & Mesh, TPE, Polypropylene, PU Foam, and PU Leather, to ensure durability, comfort, and style. Each material is chosen for its unique properties, enhancing the chairs’ overall quality and performance.

Our Office Chair Series

S-Flex office chair

S-FLEX Office Chair

This office chair is an executive-style swivel chair with fabric and mesh upholstery. It offers adjustable headrest, seat height, armrest, and back. Made from aluminium, nylon, fabric, and mesh, it ensures durability and comfort. It’s not foldable and suits various office settings.


ZETA Office Chair

This chair boasts fabric upholstery and mesh design. It’s adjustable for headrest, seat height, depth, armrest, and back support. Crafted with aluminium, nylon, fabric, mesh, and TPE materials, it’s durable and ergonomic. Not foldable, ideal for diverse office environments.


HELENA Office Chair

This chair boasts synthetic or PU leather upholstery, with adjustable headrest, seat height, armrest, and back tension. Crafted from nylon, polypropylene, PU foam, and PU leather, it ensures durability and comfort. Non-foldable, ideal for executive settings.


BARCELONA Office Chair

This chair features mesh upholstery for breathability and comfort. Made from durable nylon and aluminum die-cast, it offers adjustable seat height and back tension. Non-foldable, suitable for executive or swivel chair styles.

Xenix ergonomic chair

XENIC Office Chair

This executive and swivel office chair offers fabric and mesh upholstery, adjustable headrest, seat height, armrest, and back support. Built with durable aluminum and nylon, it ensures ergonomic seating for diverse office settings.


MINI Office Chair

This office chair features fabric upholstery and adjustable seat height and back tension. Crafted with durable nylon, metal, and fabric materials, it offers comfort and support for various office settings.

Our Office Seating Series

We offers a range of ergonomic office chairs, such as the S-FLEX, ZETA, XENIC, and XERA series, each designed with unique features for optimal comfort and functionality.


For instance, the S-FLEX chair provides spinal support by moving with the body, while the ZETA series emphasizes performance, comfort, and aesthetics. The XENIC series combines ergonomic solutions with nature-inspired designs, and the XERA series, inspired by the Xeranthemum flower, offers versatile seating options.


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Artmatrix Technology Sdn Bhd Selangor Malaysia

About Artmatrix

Celebrating 17 years, Artmatrix Technology Sdn Bhd is a leading office chair supplier and manufacturer in Malaysia, offering a comprehensive range of office furniture solutions, including ergonomic chairs and workstations, tailored for corporate offices and institutions. Since June 2005, the company has been dedicated to R&D, branding, marketing, distribution, and project management, supported by its subsidiary, Artmatrix Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, which focuses on manufacturing.


What's the best type of office chair?

The best type of office chair is typically considered to be an ergonomic chair. These chairs are designed to provide proper support and comfort, promoting good posture and reducing the risk of strain or injury during long periods of sitting. They often feature adjustable lumbar support, armrests, seat height, and tilt mechanisms to accommodate individual preferences and promote healthy sitting habits. For those seeking an office chair supplier in Malaysia, companies like Artmatrix Technology offer a range of ergonomic seating options to meet various needs and preferences.

What are the materials used in manufacturing office chairs, including those for seat upholstery?

Common materials used in office chair construction include fabric, leather, mesh, synthetic materials, and PU leather for upholstery. Chair frames can be made from materials like aluminum, nylon, polypropylene, or die-cast aluminum, while some chairs feature a combination of materials such as PU foam, mesh, and leather for enhanced comfort and durability. When looking for office chairs, consider options that offer a variety of materials to suit different preferences and requirements.

What are the different styles of office chairs for the workplace?

The different styles of office chairs include executive chairs, swivel chairs, mesh chairs, and mesh visitor chairs. Each style offers unique features and benefits to cater to various preferences and requirements in the workplace.