Artmatrix is committed to providing superior products, whilst minimising adverse impacts to the environment. As a responsible corporate citizen, Artmatrix continually seeks to improve its environmental practices in order to protect the environment while providing essential, environmentally friendly products to our customers.

Since 2013, Artmatrix conducted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to align our business strategy with the societal and environmental issues. We believe that being socially responsible, we can build stronger communities, preserve and improve the environment, and sustain our long-term success in driving business results.

We strengthen our CSR values with our corporate mission – we are determined to become a design-centric organization that care for its people and the environment. The people and environment are the heart of our operation and the key for Artmatrix to be successful as the leading office furniture provider in Malaysia. Inspired by you, we always ensure that our business is conduct in an honest, ethical and sustainable manner.

Commemorative Tree Planting 2017 @FRIM, Kepong

On 25th March 2017, Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has organized a commemorative tree planting event, “Energise with Love” in accordance to the International Day of Forests 2017. Artmatrix has participated in this memorable event and being selected as one of the lucky participants to join and plant a tree on this meaningful day.

Our winning commemorative notes are as followed: “We wish to plant a tree in FRIM which is a Natural Heritage Site, a National Heritage and in process of submission for inscription as UNESCO World Heritage site to commemorate our selfless Mother Earth, who giving us everything we need for centuries. We thank you Mother Earth, our life sustainers, to good medicine herbs for healing us, to all the trees in the world for shades and warmth, and to Great Spirit for showing us ways to lives in peace and harmony with one another. You are there empowering us with all the love you got, and now, it’s our turn to energize our beloved nature with love together with FRIM on this memorable day. We, Artmatrix will continue to compose our Green Journey sustainably to harmonize the nature.”


In 11th May 2013, our CSR team organized “Greening by +50” activity at Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). This activity aimed to improve the greenery by planting more trees and at the same time, to educate Artmatrixians on the importance of conserving the Mother Nature. A total number of 30 staff participated in the tree-planting activity. We had planted a total number of 50 Pokok Kapur for this activity. As informed by the friendly staff of FRIM, our Pokok Kapur are growing healthily and estimated to be between 0.5 to 1.3 meters tall by May 2015.


On 26th September 2015, our CSR team organized a social visit to Joy Garden Old Folks Home, Semenyih with the hope to bring cheer and happiness to the old folks. To spread our love and care to the elderly, we have prepared lunch, provide entertainment, improve their staying conditions and gave away red packets to them.

In conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival which falls on the 27th September 2015, we also celebrated the meaningful festival with the old folks to warm them up during this special day. The seniors enjoyed having various types of moon-cakes with us as well as amazed by all the lantern-decoration done at their home.

In additionally, Artmatrix donated NESH Water Dispenser to provide convenience for the old folks. Previously, the old folks are required to boil water when hot water is needed. The water boiling process might be difficult for the disable old folks. Artmatrix learned about the problem and decided to provide a simpler and convenience solution for them – the NESH Water Dispenser.


ARTMATRIX is deeply committed to recycling since 2006. We have initiated a program to encourage employees to get more involved in environmental initiatives. We work closely with our business partners and employees to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much waste generated in Artmatrix as possible. 

Throughout the years, “Recycle Every Friday” took place to support each employee taking small steps to reduce the amount of trash created at home and in the office. This campaign aimed to educate and inform employees about the importance of recycle and the impacts of the items have on the environment. 

More informative workshops will be carried out from time to time to increase awareness, raise recycling rates and reduce our operational impact on the environment, as well as reduce our environmental footprint. 

Artmatrix also encourage their employees to bring their household recycle waste on every Friday for recycle. Recycled materials include cardboard, paper, plastic, scrap metal, glass bottles, food waste, aluminum, fluorescent lamps, and rechargeable batteries.


• Ignite the Silver Lining Carnival 2015, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Committee of Sponsorship Team Student-initiated Environmental Projects Competition 2015 Faculty of Environmental Studies University Putra Malaysia
• International Green Environmental & Building Workshop 2014, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
Sponsorship in UTM’s International Green Environmental & Building Workshop. The aim of sponsoring is to encourage new generation on more reach & development for Green Environmental & Building.