With great acoustic property, Net@work is further redesigned into a more comprehensive system, the Chatty Booth. Its soundproof property offers a conducive space for making calls, video conferencing and private meetings without distraction, keeping your conversation private.


Chatty Booth is available in 3 models – CT-01 (phone booth), CT-02 (two-seater discussion room) and CT-04 (multi-seater meeting room). This fully enclosed room is furnished with waterproof carpet flooring, lighting system, ventilation system, and integrated wire management to create an exceptional working experience. With our privacy booth, collaboration and individual privacy can coexist in workplaces to nurture creative working communities with great ambition.



Chatty Booth incorporated with smart office system is also a hi-tech solution to make your booth more automated and convenience. Electrical fittings such as lights, fans, television, or motorized roller blind can be controlled using mobile apps, or an optional voice command speaker. It is a next-generation work hub that accommodates digital-savvy employees to foster creativity and productivity.